Small Linen Placemat - Dual Sided
Small Linen Placemat - Dual Sided

Small Linen Placemat - Dual Sided

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Approx 8.5 x 11 with binded edges.

Can fully sublimate both sides and it will not affect the other. 2 single sided sewn together to make a sturdy 

Made from the same linen as all the other amazing items from this collection. 

95% polyester 5% cotton

Natural fiber material so it may have cosmetic flaws but it in no way hampers the adds its own uniqueness.

Hand sewn so not all placemats/coasters will line up exactly even. Placemats won't be exact to each other. Can have up to 1" difference from each other. So make sure you keep that in mind before you design out something that needs exacts on the sides.

There is a possibility that the colors between multiple items can be off some due to different rolls of linen. I try and match everything up as well as I can when ordering multiple pieces.

Unless stacked you can't tell that they are off.

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